Index L-Z

Here is the second half of an alphabetical list of links for software that was mentioned on this site. I’ll try to update this fairly regularly, but starting on the home page of this blog might be better for recent posts.

If you can’t find what you’re looking for, remember that some software was lumped together on pages that usually started with the word “Bonus,” particularly if it was semi-working or required eccentric hardware arrangements. Enjoy. 😉

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labrea: A cunning name for a sticky trap
lame: How could I have forgotten this?
lancat: Zero-configuration network transfer option
lastlog: Another brief lookover
lbdb: Looks can be deceiving
ldd: A fairly straightforward troubleshooting tool
leave: Repeat after me, simple is best
ledger: Toward fantastical finances
leo: Laid-back online learning
less: Do more with less
letterize: To answer the burning question of life
levee: Even smaller than the average vi
lexter: Perhaps educational, too
lfm: Mimicking mc?
lft: Traceroute, with potential
lftp: Teaching an old dog to do new tricks
libjpeg-progs: A quick flashback to the L’s
lienmp3: How far we’ve come
lifelines: A family tree, some assembly required
lilypond: That gray area
linkchecker: Relax your mouse clicker finger
links and lynx: Do things your way
linphone: Deserving of more attention
lltag: Cleverer and cleverer
ln: Your magical shortcut tool
lnav: Better log navigation
locate: A small part of a larger tool
logintop10: Drum roll, please …
logtailer: Watching the logs in real time
logtop: Kind of like a *top … for a logs
lolcat: From the ears to the eyes
look: A spellchecker at the command line
lpe: Perhaps I am not the target audience
lsblk, lshw, lsmod, lspci: Hardware, up close and personal
lsp: Think of this as “ls, plus”
luksus: Step-by-step encryption
lumail: You can probably do better
lxdvdrip: If I only had a DVD around here somewhere …
lxsplit: A file splitter for like-minded people
macchanger: Ready for the masquerade
mairix: Starting off rather weakly
man: Man, oh man
mancala: Ten days of games
mange: The program with a delicate name
markdown: A great idea in action
masterm: A classic recreated
matanza: What’s the opposite of ‘pretty from far, far from pretty’?
mathomatic: Something looks familiar here One more, just for fun
mbw: A surprising little utility
mcabber: Looking good, in principle
mcdiff, mcedit mcview: Internal tools, externalized
mcdp: Just when I thought I had them all
mcookie: Mmm, cookies!
mcplay: The sincerest form of flattery
md5sum: md5sum is … md5sum
mdp: A new challenger appears
mediainfo: There is none higher
mediocrity: A worthy foray into the genre
memo: Not bad, just average by comparison
mencoder: mplayer’s less famous cousin
meterec: A halfhearted endorsement
mg: An ultralight emacs, if you can believe it
micro snake and micro tetris: Two tiny games
midicomp: Translate your midi files
mille: A game with history, twice over
mimms: If only I had an mms link around here somewhere
minder: A reminder tool with a touch of cron
mined: Long overdue Ordinarily I wouldn’t bother
minime: The 9.8K text editor
mining-haze: Once glimpsed, now in full view
miscom: The Reagan-era psyche, crammed into 80×24
mjs: Getting better as time goes on
mkfifo: Pipe panjandrum
mktorrent: The old-fashioned way still works
mmv: Nifty, but takes some getting used to
mnemonicode: At long last we meet
moc: And then there was one
moe: A small step closer to a word processor
moon-buggy: Ten years old, and still jumping
moosic: Simpler style, similar results
more: Already shown to be less
moreutils: Exactly what it claims to be
morsegen and morse2ascii: Since we’re on the subject
mosh: I see the what, the where, the how … but the why?
most: More than more and less
motti: Any advice will be appreciated
movgrab: An alternative video grabber
mp32ogg: Deceptively simple
mp3blaster: A classic revisited
mp3burn: Straight to video — I mean, audio
mp3c: And so it begins
mp3cd: Reverse direction, or should be
mp3check: Probably a good one to keep around A very good mass converter
mp3gain: The scientific term
mp3info: The details, plus a little
mp3rename: Rename and organize, in one fell swoop
mp3rename: The ubiquitous function, in its simplest form
mp3report: We’re not even close to finished yet
mp3splt: A rare animal indeed
mp3unicode: Possibly important
mp3val: A simple validation check
mp3wrap: What has been rent asunder shall be forged anew
mpc: A convenient interlude
mpck: Seemingly misnamed
mpfc: Doing everything so right
mpg123 and ogg123: Two workhorses
mpgtx: Slicing and dicing, mpegs of all varieties
mplayer and alsaplayer: A text-only twofer
mplayer: At the framebuffer, or without
mps-youtube: All-in-one search, download and play
mps: Not unlike its brother
mpstat: Quickdraw processor statistics
mrzoom: Not really for the underpowered
msdl: Ripping the format of the Evil One
mtr: The unassuming network tool
mulk: As in, the incredible mulk
multimail: A rubberstamp endorsement
multitail: Making logs fun
musiql: Perhaps the obvious answer to music management
mussort: A unique music utility
mutella: Looking for signs of life
mutt: Miracle of miracles
muzikq: With some small improvements
mybashburn: Much the same animal
myman: Still a magnificent achievement
naim: Not quite due diligence
nano: We’re number three, we try harder
nap and nap: Take a nap or two
nast: A feeling of incompleteness
nbtscan: So polite and helpful … and still I am clueless
nbwmon: An ncurses bandwidth monitor, of course
ncdc: Direct connect in ncurses
ncdt: An interesting evolution
ncdu: You need this tool
ncftp: As the alphabet goes, so go FTP clients
ncmatrix: The original, with a twist
ncmpcpp: Once more, for the tag editor
ncmpcpp: The thing with the vertical lines
ncmpy: Reports of its death are greatly exaggerated
ncp: Possibly the easiest yet
ncurses-examples: Hidden gems
ncurses-life: Enjoy the show
ncursesoflife: Manipulate the show
ncxmms2: Similar style, different daemon
ndn: And memories of the past
ne: A serious challenger to the throne
neercs: Compiz at the console
nemesis: Way, way out of my depth
net-acct: Or is nacctd? Either way, network accounting
net-o-grama: An ancient idea, done very well
net-tools: A pack with some punch
netcat: Every other tool, combined in one
netctl: One for the Archers
nethack: Needs no introduction
nethogs: Network load, by process
netmask: Does … exactly that, I guess
netrik: Almost the ultralight-est
netsed: Does for the ‘net what sed does for …
netselect: The ping tool you always wanted
netships: You’ll need a friend for this one
netsniff-ng: More than I bargained for
netstat: Power concedes nothing
nettoe: The fundamental challenge reappears
netwatch: More nifty networking
netwox: A set of 220+ (unwieldy) tools
newsbeuter: A simple and clean news reader
nffm: Shot with a diamond bullet
nget: Sometimes a hammer is just a hammer
ngincat: Four lines of bash, plus netcat
ngp: Find it and edit it, in one deft motion
ngrep: Does for the ‘net what grep does for …
nibbles: Considerably less taxing, mentally
nice: It’s nice to be nice to the nice again
nikto: Web server testing in brief
ninvaders: Combat in your console
nl: Line numbering, in a variety of ways
nload: Visual, and console-safe
nmap: The grand meister network tool
nmon: A monitor for everything
nn: Success this time
nodau: Take note
normalize: Three quick tasks, in one tool
note: A noteworthy application
notifyme: Simple, small and clever
notmuch: “Not much” is relative
npush: More Sokoban than Boulder Dash
nrss: Reaching back through the years
nsnake: In June, there shall be games
nsudoku: An obvious choice
nsuds: A text-based tour-de-force
ntop: With special guest star yeahconsole
ntp: Including my favorite, ntpdate
num-utils: This and that, for numbers
number: What computers were made for
numfmt: Saving you a trip to Google
nwipe: Great trepidation and fierce consternation
nzbget: Heretofore unbeknownst to me
o3read and odt2txt: Converters, by the numbers
octave: Barely scratching the surface
od: Not “overdose” nor “olive drab”
offlineimap: With visible potential
okiworld: Host-to-host turn-based text strategy
ol: One last editor and outliner
oldrunner: Aiming for pixel-perfect
oleo: No joy in Mudville
olive: A “totally sweet” newsreader is right
omega: A poke at the genre, rendered in ASCII
one: Another attempt at unification
oping: And even better, noping
orpheus: An appealing arrangement
orpie: Or should I say, “Orpie!”
otp: Not as simple as it looks
ox3d: Tic-tac-toe-tough
p0f: An enigmatic network tool
packit: Displaying my ignorance, in pretty lists
pacman4console: The classic, and some madness
pal: By contrast, a step up
pandoc: Let the games begin
par: After pandoc, par for the course
parallel: Working along the same lines
parted: The forgotten partition tool
pass: My favorite password manager
paste: I would vote for a different name
paste: What I thought join would be
pastebinit: As in “pastebin it!”
patch: Piecing together what I should say
patool: Multilingual
pavuk: So very, very close
pbzip2: The luxury of multiprocessing
pcal: Nifty calendars, at a moment’s notice
pdf*: The splat meaning, “Whatever you want”
pdftk: All the others mixed together, and then some
pdmenu: The bane of geek showoffs
peat: Pete and Repeat are sitting on a fence. …
peerflix: Straight to video
pente: Another historical rendition
percol: More menu-like options, plus searching and color
perltidy: Picking up the loose ends
petris: A little weak, as Tetris games go
peyote: Tunes for the terminal
pg: A little underfeatured, a little overweight
phantasia: Old-school role playing
photorec: Taught me something new today
pi: A request from the audience
pianobar: No guidance here either
pico: It’s in there too, it’s just also hiding
pig: Relish the small things in life
pigz: Equality among parallelized compression tools
pilot: It’s in there, it’s just hiding
pinfo: A new viewpoint is always welcome
ping: Everybody wants to be the ping
pip: A tool to save for later A little bit of fun
pirate-get: A tool is just a tool
pjsua: Looks good, sounds … well …
pkgfile: And pacman, for Archers only
pktstat: When you want details
playshell: A very pleasant surprise
pmidi: If a tree falls in the woods
pms: Finally, an enjoyable mpd client
pnscan: A parallel network scanner
podbeuter: The hidden podcast tool
podcastxdl: One-shot downloads for your ears
podget: Getting the goods for you
podracer: Not quite the man podget was
polygen: Good clean grammatical fun
pom: Another nifty gimmick
popd and pushd: The original fast directory switching
pork: Going the extra mile
portsentry: Guarding against incoming traffic
powertop: Not just a pretty name
pppstatus: By virtue of past performances
ppt, bcd and morse: Dit dit, daw daw
presage: Oh, you think you’re sooo smart An irrefutably prettier ping
primes: Ready for primes time!
prips: Print ranges of IP addresses
privoxy: I feel obligated to mention it
procinfo and friends: Become one with your hardware
procmail: May I refer you to someone more knowledgeable?
profanity: An XMPP client for the console, irssi-style
proxychains: Sorry to be of so little help
ps*: The splat meaning, “Whatever you want”
ps2ascii and ps2pdf: In two directions
ps: That other process tool
pscpug: Nothing to do with pugs
pssh: Still more parallelized tools
pstree: Simple yet effective
puf: Waiting for its moment to shine
punch: Getting past my prejudices
pup: Playing fetch with HTML
pure-ftpd: Adventures in the service sector
pv: Why won’t you talk to me?
pwcrypt: On-the-fly password encryption
pwgen: Making it up as you go
pwsafe: Simpler password management
pydf: Disk space, in color
pygments: Because everyone loves color
pyncp: Quick and easy network transfer
pyradio: Now that’s different
pyro and pacman-for-python: Piggybacking python
pysize: Somewhat unusual, somewhat unstable
qalc: qalculate!’s text only version
qnub, djsl and others: Something new to look at
qodem: I was so very wrong
qpdf: Still more PDF wizardry
qplay: More music, in the code of C
qrq: How little I really know
queso: Use TCP packets to guess OSes
quiz: A most irritating teacher
quote: Stock info at the cli
quvi: Build your own video downloader
r: Might as well start at the beginning
raggle: Yesteryear’s newsreader
rain: An old-school screensaver
rainbow: Color filtering in a different way
ranger: The day has come
rawdog: Trim away the useless bits
rblcheck: Another anti-spam weapon
rcconf: Enjoying the nostalgia
rdfind: Echolocation
rdiff-backup: Mirrored, with increments
rdiffdir: A succinct sync
rdup: Still more backup options
realpath: It’s the real thing
recap: Everything about everything from everything, prepacked
reflector: One more for Archers
regexProgram: Add to your education
regionset: This I can attest to Many paths to the same destination
rename: The built-in filename sifting tool
renameutils: Underappreciated tools
reptyr: Pull the rug out from under your tty
retawq: Ultralight browsing
rev: skcik rof tsuJ
rexima: Another happy error
rfc and httpdoc: Two terminal references
rhapsody: A menu-driven interface for IRC
rig: The random identity generator
ripit: For precise, exacting CD conversions
rmlint: The potential to purge
rntools: An unexpected find
robohack: The only legitimate use of a computer
robotfindskitten: Okay, okay … here it is
robots: Destroy him, my robots
roflbalt: ASCII action, at its finest
rogue and hack: The emu scored an excellent hit
rolo: Shrugging off a decade of dormancy
rot13: Not just greasy kid’s stuff
route: Clean and pretty routing info
rss2email: Almost plain to see
rsstail: One of two possible reactions
rst2pdf: And all its kin
rsync: Needs no introduction
rtcwake and the ghetto alarm clock: Wake up on time
rtorrent: Needs no introduction … again
rtv: Arr tee vee
rubyripper: The options continue to multiply
safecopy: If only I needed something safely copied
saidar: A simple and clean system monitor
sail: Ship-to-ship combat, in amazing detail
sandy: An extremely svelte editor
sar: One small part of a larger suite
saydate and saytime: Hear for yourself
sc: Old as the hills
scalpel: File extraction and recovery
scanlogd: Nothing to see here
scapy: If you can’t dazzle them with brilliance
scim: Bringing spreadsheets back to the present
scp: Simple is best
scrap: Go forth, and scavenge aggressively
screen: The granddaddy of terminal multiplexers
screenfetch: Because all the cool kids are doing it
screenify: A tetchy little tool
scribble: Shall we play a game?
script: That terminal session recorder you always wanted
scrollz: Fast, friendly and light
sdcv: Local lookup, some assembly required
sed: I wouldn’t dream of explaining it
sendip: Packets and their contents
sentaku: More menu-like options for the cli
seq: Count up, count down
ses: emacs strikes again
setterm: Some minor magic
sh-todo: A simplistic to-do manager
sha* (with sha1pass and shasum): Sha-sha-sha
shed: A simple hex editor I can give you no guidance
shellcheck: I should probably keep this around
ship_game: Keeping with the recent theme
shpaint: For the Toulouse-Lautrec of the terminal
shred: A power for good or evil
shuf: Random yet intelligible
shush: Deserves a better attempt than mine
sic: Thusly was it written
siege: Hammer away at your server of choice
siggen: Much to see, much to hear
simpleburner: Of dubious ability
since: Since you last checked
sipcalc: First prips, now sipcalc
siphon (and ‘Siphon): For simple network transfers
ski: Weird turn-based winter sports strategy
sl: The other sl
sl: Yes, you knew this was coming
slap: Intuitive and colorful
slash’em: Nethack, with certain embellishments
slimrat: A slim chance it still works
slocate: All the makings of an intercontinental grudge match
sloccount and Because size does matter
slrn: A lovely creature … once configured
slsc: Out of a sense of duty
slsc: Resurrected at long last
slurm: Within one standard deviation
smartmontools: A hard drive’s best friend
smbc: Don’t take my word for it
snake: Before there was snake, there was snake
snakes: Keeping with the theme
snb: In promising directions
sncli: For cloud-based to-do lists, and more
sniffit: Makes sense to me, More weather for you
snownews: Simple and straightforward
sntop: A simple, network kind of top
socat: You want it? socat’s got it
soma.cli: An alternative solution
soma: Done perfectly, in so many ways Sounds from the deep
sort: Deserves better attention
soundcloud2000: A quick listen
spark: Itty bitty graphs for your terminal emulator
speedometer: An eye on your network
speedpad: The advanced typing tutor
speedtest-cli: Not the answers I wanted
spew: For testing purposes
split: And the curse of the asinine defaults
splitvt: Under the most dire of circumstances
sqlite3: I won’t begin to try and explain
ss: A quick dump of socket statistics
ssconvert: An awful lot of baggage
ssh-chat: And a question for which I have no answer
sshrc: Piggyback your rc across ssh
st and st: One for numbers, one for … numbers and letters?
stag: A good find, and a good tool
starchart: In case you get lost
stardork: Has all the right ingredients
stat: Simple file information, and more Voices from the dead
steghide: Naughty, naughty
stftp: The simple terminal FTP client
stow: Not just for package management any more
streamripper: Keeping local copies
stty: Adjust the intricate details
style: Similar idea, different direction
stymulator: Every little thing it does is magic
sudognu: Sort of a game, sort of a game generator
sumeria: Those were the days, my friend
sup: My pet procrastination
surfraw: Yeah, brilliant
surl: No, not “surly.” Just surl
sysdig: Information overload
sysv-rc-conf: Going, going, gone
t, ttytter, twidge and more: Text-only Twittermania
t: The shortest possible route
tabview: csv files have never been cooler
tac: Not tic- or -toe either
tagfs, xtagfs, dhtfs and more: Tag, you’re it
tagsistant: Tagging with a different approach
taipan: A trading game with history
talkfilters: All that computing power, and this is what you come up with?
tapecalc: Without the expensive paper roll
tarman: A fullscreen archive navigator
taskcmd: Let slip the dogs of … command line task organizers
tasknc: These aren’t the droids you’re looking for
taskopen: New ground for taskwarrior
taskwarrior: Send in the next victim
tbclock: Probably the best binary clock
tcat: Just quickly, because it’s fun
tcpdump: Raw data at will
tcpflow: That tool you’ve been looking for
tcpick: A different take on reading network data
tcpkill and tcpnice: Let’s be fair for once
tcpreen: It’s that time again
tcpspy: Another casualty of the times?
tcptrack: Last but definitely not least
tdl: A task organizer in its own right
tdu (and dugroup): I can think of no better title
teachgammon: Short post, long tutorial
teapot: Said the hatter with a sigh, ‘It’s always tea-time. …’
tee: More magic from coreutils
telnet: The fundamental tool for entertainment
termrec, ttyrec, tty2gif and others: Pretty as a picture
termsaver and terminal-screensaver: Peas in a pod
tetris-bsd: Guess where this comes from
tetrix: Only satisfactory, by comparison
text-text-revolution: You can see where this is going
textadept: “Adept” is apt
textdraw: For the Caravaggio of the console
textmaze: Let’s call it a game
textprint: Visually impressive, in only 18K
tgn: The traffic generator
thc-hydra: A network logon cracker
the_silver_searcher: Intergalactic searcher smackdown
tic-tac*: Tic tac turmoil
ticker: A different ticker this time
ticker: Glitter for your pre-Pentium III
tidyhtml: Erasing your coding sins
tig: The dream application
time, time and times: Too much time on my hands
timebook and timetrap: Tracking your every effort
timidity++: Miracle of miracles, again
tin: Perhaps a simpler newsreader option
tina: A funky little data arrangement tool
tint: A fast-paced, colorful Tetris
tintin: Your time is now in jeopardy
tinyfugue: Rime of the ancient adventurer
tinyirc: A contender in the ultralight division
tlf: I’m so superficial sometimes
tload: A hidden gadget
tmenu: Just one step away
tmsu: Guten Tag!
tnftp: The *BSD counterpart
tnote: An application of note
toast: Challenging my spongy pink organic brain
todo.c: A task organizer with a sense of style
todo.txt: Famous or infamous, you decide
tofu: Working the stack
toilet: Now with color!
tome: An epic in three or four books
top: The cool tool you didn’t know you had
tornado: Solving neighborly disputes
torrentinfo: Torrent information, of course
tpp: Pulling it all together
tr: With a sprinkle of /dev/urandom and head
traceproto, tracepath and tcptraceroute: Triplets
traceroute: Where you’re going and where you’ve been
trafshow: Information and simplicity
transmission-cli: Add this to the list
trash-cli: Would you like a safety net with that?
tree: Two and a half years later. …
trek73: The best part is the site that hosts it
trek: The game that influenced a million others
trickle: Bandwidth shaping … I think
trn: In spite of my best efforts
truncate: Arbitrarily chopping things off
tty-clock: Taken for granted, for far too long
ttyload: Choosy text-only geeks choose ttyload
ttysolitaire: Your reward for sticking around so long
tudu: The hnb-killer
turses: Again, no guidance
tuxrip: If I only had a DVD around here somewhere …
tweak: The word processor of hex editors
txt2*: A few conversion tools
txt2regex: A regex newbie’s best friend
typespeed: What good is a text editor, if you’re a lousy typist?
tzar: A work forever in progress
uname: Just a simple little tool
uncsv: So much easier than search-and-replace
undistract-me: Quashing your ADHD
unhtml: Peeling away the layers
uniq: The unique solution
unison: An alternative to rsync
units: Arithmetic acrobatics
unnethack: Improving the improvement
unp: Boring is not always a bad thing
uppity: Not the last, nor the least, pastebin-ish upload tool
urlscan and urlview: With the assist
v: Re-edit files quickly with vim
vadorz: A brief interlude to save the Earth
vbackup: A little archive wizardry, for Debian fans
vbindiff: Red and blue
vche: Serious as it gets
vdir: Consult your doctor before beginning this, or any other exercise program
vee: Tempting, to say the least
vfu: More space for details
vi and ex: As required by law or custom
vifm: The name should tell you everything
vile: That child is an abomination!
vilistextum: Stripping out the code
vim: Don’t start celebrating just yet
vimpc: Another vi-ish music player
vimwiki: The reason, in due season
vit: That full-screen interface I promised
vitetris: Pick of the litter
vitunes: vi fans, rejoice!
vlock: The simplest screensaver I know
vnstat: Network logging over time
vtclock: Yes, one more console clock can’t hurt
vux: Playing the odds, against all odds
w2do: What to do, at the cli
w3m: This is not an April Fools joke
w: Plus a little rant
wajig: Unite the clans!
wanderlust: emacs plus e-mail equals … emailcs?
warcarrier: Looks good, almost works Perhaps the best thus far
wavemon: A proper wireless tool
wc: Is there anything it can’t count?!
wcalc: A calculator with a conventional appeal
wdiff, cwdiff and dwdiff: Since I mentioned it. …
weather, weathercli and weatherman: Whither the weather?
weatherspect: Edutainment, I suppose
weechat: Word-of-mouth testimonials
wendy: Under wendy’s watchful eye
wget: And that which wget begot
wgetpaste: A healthy collection of features
whatis, whereis and which: In moments of indecision
when: A sleeper hit for the median demographic
whistle: On the right track, not yet at full speed
who and whoami: Two more quick Five Ws
whohas: A good idea, in theory
whois: Accuracy, brevity, clarity
whowatch: Don’t just take my word for it
wicd-curses: Get yourself connected
wifite: Why fight it
wiggle: A little room for wiggle
wiki-stream: Less than six degrees of separation
wikicurses: Information, in brief
wikipedia2text: Looking well-preserved, thanks to Debian
wkhtmltopdf and wkhtmltoimage: The clever twins
woof: The simple single file server
wordgrinder: Same as it ever was
wordsearch: Echoes of primary school
workbone: I happily announce that I was wrong
worklog: Work on, work done, work sum, work today
worm, worms, wtf and wump: bsd-games takes over
wpe and we: Someone’s been reading my mind
wput: The same, just in reverse
wtime: The laconic task tracker
wv: From Word to whatever
wyrd: Putting a face on remind
x_x: The Dead Guy CLI
xargs: Obviously first
xaric: The simple client with pretty colors
xcplay: A more immediate interface
xcv: Taking the long way around
xidel: Taking away the pain of XML
xlhtml and ppthtml: Not only Word needs converting
xmlstarlet: A superstar for XML
xorcurses: In the classic puzzle style
xprobe2: What’s it running … probably?
xrestop: The irony is palpable
yacpi: Maybe more useful to you than me
yagtd: For getting things done
yahoo-group-grabber: The winter of our discontent
yaourt: In the interest of parity
yapet: Oh, what a difference three years makes
yaydl, yougrabber and youtube-viewer: Batting 333
yersinia: Points awarded for style
yetris: Get those thumbs ready
yfklog: A text-only ham radio log
yokadi: A task database, of sorts
youtube-dl: A starting point
ysm: At the end of the day
ytree: A slightly different file manager
yuxtapa: A good, old-fashioned ASCII deathmatch
yzis: Taking cues from vim
z and z: A tale of two z’s
z-day: A slightly different perspective on slaughtering zombies
zapm: Cyberroguelike, part 1
zerofree: An odd little utility
zile: A lighter, cleaner emacs
zis: So very close to perfect
zivot: Still not the great game of ‘Life
znake: Deja vu, and yet not
zombies!: There’s always room for one more ASCII zombie game
zonecheck: Check your zone, friend
zscroll: Pure flair
ztrack: A primitive 3D racing game
*angbands: Band of brothers
{hacker,reddit}-top: Monitoring at your pleasure

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