luksus: Step-by-step encryption

I got a link via e-mail to luksus, and as I am more and more a fan of data encryption these days, I made a point of including it here.

2013-12-27-lv-r1fz6-luksus-01 2013-12-27-lv-r1fz6-luksus-02

Results have been … satisfactory, although luksus is a script that I have a few persnickety complaints about.

What I’ve seen of luksus so far suggests that it will handle encryption of USB keys or partitions on external drives with a minimum of effort.

It comes armed with both AES and TrueCrypt support (provided they are installed on your system), and appears poised to add gnupg and a couple others.

Perhaps even better, the scripts are usable not only in Linux but with some *BSDs as well … and we all know how security-minded those guys and girls are.

(Yes, I have thought about jumping ship. Experimenting with *BSD is on my to-do list. … 😯 )

Is this necessarily better than doing it yourself with something like cryptsetup or ccrypt? That’s up to you.

My own complaints about luksus are strictly minor — the long wait while the drive is shredded, and some issues with naming a volume that triggered errors. And it seems the information supplied in the command are repeated later in the dialog windows.

I still trust and rely on gnupg over anything, and fully encrypted volumes still make me a little nervous. Of course most of my needs for encryption involve transmitting encrypted files across the Internet, which is only somewhat practical for luksus.

I’m willing to poke around with luksus a little more though; tools like this are more and more useful as time goes on.