qpdf: Still more PDF wizardry

Just when you thought all your PDF options were expended, along comes qpdf to rattle your cage once more.

The home page uses “pdf-to-pdf” as a subtext for what qpdf does. And most of what qpdf does is just that: manhandling PDF files and getting the results you want, without distorting or smushing the content. (“Smush” is the scientific term.)

For example, reversing the order of pages in a pdf file.

kmandla@lv-r1fz6: ~/downloads$ qpdf --empty out.pdf --pages intro-linux.pdf z-1 --

--empty signifies a new file named “out.pdf,” --pages tells qpdf to wrangle pages, “intro-linux.pdf” is the source file and z-1 is pages 1 to the end, in reverse order.

qpdf is quite forgiving about page orders, sequences and even multiple sources. I haven’t tried every permutation, but I suspect you could do some real PDF wizardry with the freedom qpdf allows.

There are a lot more ideas in the qpdf documentation pages, which is so up to date that it’s timestamped in the future! 😉 On a more serious note, the ins and outs of qdf’s power are all listed there, in precise detail.

It might take a little while to learn all the tricks qpdf makes available to you, but I have the feeling that if every other PDF gizmo fails you, qpdf will satisfy. 😉