par: After pandoc, par for the course

Since we just got done converting documents, it only makes sense to jump into formatting them too.

MrFrood mentioned par waaay back when we were in the F section, and so as promised. …


The home page for par gives some credit to fmt and I suppose if you read about its history, it makes sense.

And as you can see above, or on the home page, it produces a similar effect. The downside is … it is considerably far more complex than fmt.

The man page and help flags might give you some guidance, but what little I could get done up there was shamelessly stolen from the examples.

For what I can tell, learning to use par effectively is going to take two things: a lot of time and enough of a demand to keep your focus on it.

Unfortunately, I’m just flitting past par and don’t have enough of a workload to make regular use of it. I have a feeling though, that if fmt is interesting but not powerful enough for what you need, par is the answer.

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