snakes: Keeping with the theme

This is not a game. I think. I think it’s intended just as a distraction, or something to look at. Kind of like mrzoom from a week or so ago.


Believe it or not, that too is called “snakes.” Apparently June is snake month, not game month at Inconsolation. 🙄

Stefans Mezulis put that together and somehow it got relayed to me as an honorable mention.

His screenshot is probably more interesting than mine; I used the ascii version in that gif because the pipe characters don’t draw against the framebuffer for me. More’s the pity.

Like I said, this isn’t a game in the classical sense of the word. It just spins off into eternity, quite happy to run without interaction from humans.

On the other hand, it has a lot of little options that will drastically affect the results. The two on Stefans’ home page are good examples.

And so again, what use is this? Past K.Mandla has answered that question for you already. … 😉