xorcurses: In the classic puzzle style

Game time! You think you know all the text-based games out there because you found two versions of Tetris for the terminal? Well, feast your eyes. …


That’s xorcurses, an attempt to remake a game called XOR published way way way back in 1987.

I won’t lie to you and tell you know everything there is about this game; in fact, I’ve never heard of it until I found this version (but the late 1980s were the beginning of a dark age for computers for me, so I can rationalize my ignorance).

It’s not an action game though, and there are no timers that I could see. Instead, it’s a leisurely puzzle with doors that seem to move only one way or the other. Collect all the masks and you progress to the next puzzle.

Supposedly the mazes become more difficult as they go on. I only managed to finish the first puzzle before I decided I was out of my league. If you have time and enjoy this style of puzzle, give it a shot. 😉

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