tgn: The traffic generator

I’m going to run the risk of making a fool of myself again, and show another program that I don’t fully understand: tgn.


From its description, tgn is a traffic generator that sends out manufactured packets to a specific address, using rules or information that the user sets. tgn is in Debian, but not Arch/AUR.

I gather from the help flags that it can accommodate some random data too, which might be useful for … aw, never mind. I haven’t the slightest idea how that would be useful. 😳

tgn really lost me when it started talking about “speakers,” but was using the -o flag with interface names.

It still confuses me, perhaps even more because tgn’s output with the -l flag, which supposedly lists speakers, doesn’t list any network interfaces. 😕

In any case, as best I can tell, tgn is doing what it promises, and that’s the gold standard for a tool of any design. If you have more networking experience than I — and there’s a very real possibility that you do — you might find it less confusing and more useful than I did. Have a look.