weechat: Word-of-mouth testimonials

weechat users have been biting their nails literally for years, waiting for this moment to roll around. Well, you can all stop e-mailing me about the wondrous goodness that is weechat: Your moment has come.

2014-06-21-6m47421-weechat-01 2014-06-21-6m47421-weechat-02

But now, after the long list of chat clients that have graced these pages, I’ll be honest and say I don’t quite recall what the hubbub was about.

“wee” to me, is a word that means small or tiny, and so perhaps weechat is a good deal smaller than the garden-variety irssi?

Not according to the ancient and revered ps_mem.py script. In fact, it’s quite the opposite situation at a cold start.

kmandla@6m47421: ~/temp$ sudo python ps_mem.py 
[sudo] password for kmandla: 
 Private  +   Shared  =  RAM used	Program 
  1.5 MiB +   1.1 MiB =   2.6 MiB	bash (4)
  2.0 MiB +   1.0 MiB =   3.0 MiB	irssi
  3.4 MiB + 610.5 KiB =   4.0 MiB	mc
 10.8 MiB +   2.3 MiB =  13.1 MiB	openbox
 14.2 MiB +   1.0 MiB =  15.2 MiB	weechat
 46.1 MiB + -23103.5 KiB =  23.5 MiB	Xorg
                        497.6 MiB

(I abbreviated a little bit there, just to save widescreen visitors the pain of constant scrolling. 😆 )

So if memory profile is not the appeal, is it extensibility? The list of features on the weechat site is quite lengthy, and some of them — like vertical splits and spellchecking — are appealing even to me.

If it’s not that, then there’s only one thing that I can see outright that might swing me over to weechat, if I were mired in irssi … more color. 😉 😀

But I’ll let you decide. Chat clients have reached a saturation point, and unless you need something extremely specific, many of them seem to be duplicating efforts. To my untrained eye, that is.

That does mean you have plenty to choose from though. And having a choice is always a good thing. 😉

5 thoughts on “weechat: Word-of-mouth testimonials

  1. Theodore

    It pulls out all that RAM because – I suppose – the packaged version has built-in support for six, dynamically loaded, languages. Six! While irssi uses only perl for scripts and config… I think it’s better weechat maybe statically compiled to support only one lang or C and the remote control via pipe to pull in less mem, ’cause irssi pulls in (probably because it’s yagirc, gtk-based, refactored lots of times…) glib. And I’m gnome-allergic. Plus doesn’t make all that sense to use gui libs for a tui, obv.
    But with the time I have to spend in configuring and putting in the scripts I like with weechat or irssi, I guess I can invest it better in doing what I’m doing right now (hacking suckless ii with mksh and the xii frontend 😀 )

    1. K.Mandla Post author

      That’s a possibility. I should install a couple of other distros and see how it performs, RAM-wise. I imagine that will depend on its original configuration. Thanks for the note. 😉

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