tcpreen: It’s that time again

I’ve been lucky thus far, and been able to wrangle with most of the network tools I have encountered in the T section, and gotten them to play nice with my system.

I’m afraid tcpreen caught me unawares though, and again I find myself smacking random sequences into the computer, and finding no more success than what is suggested on the Internet.

So no screenshot this time; my inability to get things properly configured seems to have returned.

Once more I have no reason to suspect that the issue is with tcpreen; it’s not in AUR but it is in Debian, and I (more or less) trust the Debian infrastructure to tell me when a tool has fallen into disrepair and just doesn’t work any more.

But it’s in Wheezy, so I must assume that the error(s) is/are mine. I’m more inclined to believe my own lack of ability than the random chance that the actual software is in error.

tcpreen should work as a basic redirection tool, binding one connection to another — apparently on the same machine or different ones — and allowing data from one port to flow into another.

Supposedly. Unfortunately I lack the requisite geek credentials to get it working that way, and all I receive in reply are misconfiguration messages from the tcpreen gods.

I like banging my head against a wall … because it feels sooo good when I stop. 😕

So rather than burn up more time reinforcing my general state of non-understanding, I’ll put this out there as part of the “should work, but I am too dense to configure it” crowd.

Much to my disappointment, that crowd is slowly growing. 😦