ss: A quick dump of socket statistics

There’s a nifty little socket reader lumped in with iproute2, and if you didn’t think to look for it, you probably wouldn’t know it was there. Here’s ss:


I’ve prodded ss a little more than is necessary there, just to keep the results on the screen and lined up neatly; that’s what head and column are for. ss will do that for you for free, but then the results wouldn’t make a good screenshot. 🙄

ss can read network or X server info; the man page lists quite a few options for each, as well as some examples to get you started.

ss will also allow you to filter stats by TCP states, match ports or addresses, and a slew of other nifty tricks. The man page compares ss to netstat; I’d probably lump them into the same category too, just out of naiveté.

And yet strangely, I’ve not heard as much about ss. Perhaps this is another one of those Linux secrets I keep stumbling into. … 😐

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