one: Another attempt at unification

Odd that one would come up in the rotation today, but I’m comfortable with that. If you remember kkm or wajig, you might appreciate what one hopes to accomplish — solidify the package management task in Debian to a single command. 😯

I don’t have a screenshot for you, because I suspect a successful screenshot of one would show … dpkg or aptitude or apt-get or apt-cache or what have you, doing what it usually does. Terrifically uninteresting.

one defaults to installing a package, meaning just one rsync should pull down rsync and install it. Simple enough.

After that, the default commands become one- or two- (or sometimes three-) letter mnemonics for whatever procedure you’re trying to accomplish. Ergo, s for search, i for details (or info), o for ownership, and so on.

Personally I have no compunction about using a tool like one, or wajig or kkm, to be clear. I occasionally find myself frustrated by having five or six separate tools available on a Debian system, when there is just pacman on my other computers.

I leave it to you to decide if something like one (or kkm or wajig, of course) is a good thing or a bad thing for the overall Debian structure. I am content to rely on Debian as a solid foundation distro, and permit each user the leeway to use unifying tools as they see fit.

And in case you’re keeping count, there are almost as many unification efforts now as there are tools to unify on a Debian system. How’s that for irony? 😆

2 thoughts on “one: Another attempt at unification

  1. rodney

    Funny enough, aptitude already unifies everything and has a neat ncurses interface to boot. apt-* and dpkg are supposed to be used as a backend for scripts and other software (or by a sysadmin or an advanced used on an emergency), but there are so many howtos telling you to use them that they will never know their proper place.

    1. Theodore

      The last time i’ve used aptitude it cleared xorg.conf through, I suppose, the installation of recommended packages. They were other times, I thinked at myself as a windows gizmo and was a big noob in unix things, but the experience left a shocking mark on me. So I thank goodness there are so many tutorials, cheatsheet, click posts, howtos on apt-* and dpkg. I have to say I don’t use one (the tool described here) though, I feel fine with mina86’s 😀

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