soundcloud2000: A quick listen

I like the way the soundcloud2000 home page describes the utility: “SoundCloud without the stupid css files.” :mrgreen:

I’m in favor of any tool that strips way the worthless lard that clings to most Web services, and I’ve been stuck in that mindset for the better part of the past decade. The sooner the general public realizes that lightbox effects and Web2.0 tripe are lipstick on pigs, we’ll all be much better off.

That’s not particularly aimed at SoundCloud; to be honest, I have very, very few dealings with SoundCloud as a whole, just by virtue of my relative disinterest. Listening to random recordings by random people in random places around this random world strikes me as rather … random. 🙄

All the same, if I was stapled to a chair and forced to pick through it, I would much rather have the benefit of soundcloud2000 than be required to navigate through its web interface.

2014-09-03-6m47421-soundcloud2000-01 2014-09-03-6m47421-soundcloud2000-02

Simple enough: Up, down, paging keys and return to listen. Left and right to seek, space to pause. The “u” key allows you user access.

And that’s about it. When they invent photos that can come embedded with sound (note to self: It can be done) maybe I’ll have more to exhibit. As it is now, I give soundcloud2000 a great big thumbs-up for good use of color, intuitive navigation and a snazzy opening screen. Have a star: ⭐

And best of all, no stupid css files. 😀

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