rhapsody: A menu-driven interface for IRC

It’s fun to me, to find new toys in the endless catalogues of available software.

For example, irssi is the de facto gold standard for text-only chat sessions. I have no complaints about that. But there are alternatives, a lot of which I’ve skimmed past on these pages. For the most part though, they seem to follow irssi’s lead.

But irssi’s style isn’t necessarily the best. There’s always room for improvement. So along comes rhapsody, which takes the same idea and recasts it as a menu-driven console application, rather than relying wholly on user-entered commands.


The greatest differences are probably obvious from watching that short movie. Where irssi and many of its cohorts expect the user to send through commands a la /connect and /join, rhapsody handles much of that through drop-down menus.

Just in that little flair, I find I like rhapsody much better than irssi. irssi has its charms and I’ve taken a lot of time to learn it, but it seems that what I’ve always been looking for was something like rhapsody.

Sorry. I just always prefer a console application that keeps the drop-down menu approach. To each his own, no?

I know, everybody has those scripts and irssi perks they like. I’m fine with that. I’m just not enough of a chat user to care if they’re available in rhapsody or not.

And I suppose it should be mentioned that rhapsody’s last release was 2005. If that matters to you, so long as a program works.

rhapsody is not in Debian but is in AUR … but the AUR version will take a little kicking to get it working, or you’ll end up with a 0.00Mb install size. It’s worth it, trust me. đŸ˜‰