mps-youtube: All-in-one search, download and play

I had mps-youtube on my list as a “YouTube downloader,” which I realize now was only partly right. Saying mps-youtube is a downloader is like saying a car keeps you dry when it rains — not only is that incomplete, but it’s not really its true purpose.

2014-09-04-6m47421-mps-youtube-01 2014-09-04-6m47421-mps-youtube-02 2014-09-04-6m47421-mps-youtube-03

mps-youtube — which will probably install as mpsyt — can perform simple searches or skim through online playlists, pull down video information and comments (I can’t imagine who would torture themselves with that, though), save and edit local playlists, playback video or audio, download best-quality versions of a link, corroborate its results against MusicBrainz, and a lot more.

I daresay that mps-youtube is what yaydl and yougrabber hoped to be, and what youtube-viewer should have been. In fact, I could suggest mps-youtube if what you really want from youtube-dl is a proper user interface.

Bonus points for excellent use of color, snazzy ASCII graphics title screen, helpful prompts and onboard documentation, and a screen-conscious arrangement.

Nota benes for using python, which might slow down on some of your older hardware, and relying on mplayer (or mpv) for playback. Then again, if your machine is too weak to handle either of those for audio playback, you probably won’t be using it for mps-youtube.

Downsides, of course, would be that as far as I can tell, it’s a YouTube-only program.

But that’s probably the way it was intended originally, and I can’t fault a program for fulfilling its original intent. And doing so with style deserves a gold: ⭐ Enjoy! 😉

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  1. Korte

    man youtube-dl -r L, –rate-limit=L -a F, –batch-file=F -c, –continue -A, –auto-number │ When downloading multiple videos from a playlist, automatically number │ them, in sequence, starting from 00000. -u UN, –username=UN -p PW, –password=PW

    Am Thu, 4 Sep 2014 16:15:50 +0000

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