yetris: Get those thumbs ready

I know what you’re thinking: “Oh joy, another Tetris clone. How many more of those will we see, K.Mandla?”

I don’t know. What I do know is, yetris is going to definitely make an impression on you, no matter how jaded a Tetris player you are.

2014-07-05-6m47421-yetris-01 2014-07-05-6m47421-yetris-02

Still images don’t do it justice, but I don’t think tty2gif will handle that much animation and color without busting a gut. So either use your imagination, or install it and appreciate the work that’s been put into it.

Alex Dantas, who also wrote nsnake, is the evil mastermind behind yetris, and Alex has done an incredible job capturing the atmosphere. I love the animated opening screen, the screen arrangement while playing and the collection of running statistics. It’s not just adding numbers to the game, it’s making use of available space.

yetris is very customizable, and goes the added distance of using two keys — the Z and X by default, to spin blocks. Most of the clones I see rely on the up arrow to spin, and only spin one direction.

Of course, you could change that if you didn’t like the arrangement. yetris gives you that leeway.

The real question is, how does yetris fare against vitetris, the heretofore undisputed heavyweight of the Tetris clone world?

I dare not answer. Only the gods can choose between the gods, and my humble opinion would have no real effect beyond further polluting the vast mental wasteland of the Internet with still more empty-headed nonsense.

I leave it to you to decide. Install one or both, and tell me what your champion of the Tetris clone division is. I eagerly await your judgment. 😐

In the mean time, here’s a highly coveted K.Mandla gold star for yetris. It’s definitely worth it: ⭐ 😉