octave: Barely scratching the surface

Sorry for the blackout over the past day. I ran into some unforeseen real-life issues that needed my precious time.

It’s probably just as well, since octave is next on my list. Out of a sense of duty I include it in this listing, even though I can see that I hardly have any business poking around with it.

I know I skipped over Matlab a few weeks ago, and I don’t have plans to revisit it; it’s just over my head, plain and simple.

All the same, I’m willing to flit past octave, which is mathematical software along the lines of Matlab.


Mostly it’s out of a sense of obligation to free software, getting the word out, blah blah blah. Even for the few random people who stop by here. 🙄

And I don’t know octave or Matlab from Adam, but to hear some others describe it, octave is mostly compatible with Matlab, and perhaps even allows a few things Matlab doesn’t.

Be that as it may, you should decide if octave will substitute for Matlab for your purposes. I relinquish all endorsement for one or the other. 😕

Oh yeah — and supposedly, the December 2013 update to octave added … wait for it … a graphical interface! Not bad for a program that claims its origins in 1988. 😯

4 thoughts on “octave: Barely scratching the surface

  1. Scott

    Could you include a short summary of what the program is supposed to do, even if you don’t test it out? I’ve never heard of many of these.

    1. K.Mandla Post author

      You’re right, I looked over that post and realized I never explained what octave was supposed to do. Sorry for that. Cheers.

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