snake: Before there was snake, there was snake

snake as you and I probably know it, may be distantly related to snake, the bsd-games version.


This venerable console game throws you into a pit with a hungry snake, baits you with dollar signs, and offers you an escape at any time. Rather like a game show.

Collect money until the snake corners you and eats you (and your prize), or your nerves finally crumble and you slip out the exit.

Take a look at the man page before you play; there are some tips and special commands there that will help. Most notable? The w key pitches you through a space warp, a la robots, and gives you a new lease on life.

snake struck me as particularly easy, probably because the terminal was set to a generous size. Tighten it down a little bit, and snake might give you a challenge.

Pinball players will appreciate one final touch: Match the last digit of your score to a random number, and win a bonus! :mrgreen:

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