minder: A reminder tool with a touch of cron

I think most people would agree that one of the drawbacks of picking up a new program is learning how it works. That much is assumed.

I would add another impediment in how it’s configured — and not just because I suspect the greater portion of my failures in this little adventure to be ascribable to my failure to configure things properly.

But it does stand out when a program — no matter how small or insignificant — takes the wise step of borrowing a configuration from another application, especially if it is considerably influential.

And that’s just what I like most about minder: Since the configuration is styled after cron, it makes very good sense when you set it up.


And after that, it becomes a piece of cake to use. minder knows its directory, the date and beyond that can show you anything you need.

It’s a little wordy though; days with no events are shown in the same fashion as busy days.

And it doesn’t have color. I do like color. 😦

minder comes from the same author that penned (typed?) brinance, which you might remember from months ago.

minder is already a decade old and shows no signs of obsoleteness or breakage. So if you’re looking for a program to sponsor in AUR, or something painless-slash-effortless to add to Debian, this could work.

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