tetris-bsd: Guess where this comes from

Yes, we’re in the “tet*” section, and so it shouldn’t surprise anyone that this is on the menu:


Yes, that’s a Tetris clone. And yes, it plays much like every other Tetris clone on the planet. If you have played Tetris once, on any machine at any time in any variation, you can probably wrestle this with no difficulty.

The bsd-games rendition — aptly named tetris-bsd — is very plain, which I suppose is not necessarily a bad thing. Blocks are drawn in reverse characters. Keys are the J-K-L group, plus q for quit and the space as a drop command. Scores are calculated against the level you reach, and the game will store a high score file out in /var, if you let it.

Plain means no color though, and no adjustable block shapes or creative use of screen space. As far as I can tell, it doesn’t play networked games. More’s the pity. 😦

Yes, it has a measure of flexibility on account of its primitive design, but it’s nothing that approaches the majesty of vitetris and its brethren.

I consider tetris-bsd to be a fallback rendition, for those times when things go catastrophically wrong, or the sun is in my eyes, and I must entertain myself without the glitz and glamor I have grown accustomed to with other Tetris programs. I am so very spoiled. 🙄

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