mp3check: Probably a good one to keep around

I don’t use mp3 files so much, but most of the music I acquire comes in that format. So something like mp3check is probably a good idea.


Ooh, such colors. :mrgreen:

mp3check has a lot of different options, and some of them are a little cumbersome to use. Of course, some of them are way over my head, too.

Point being, mp3check is not a point-and-click one-shot fixer-upper for your mp3 collection. I’m sure you could rig it to recurse through 15Gb of music files and repair each one, but you’d do well to know what you’re doing before you press the button.

I’ll add that I can remember a day when errors in mp3s were more … grave. It’s been a while since I got my hands on a damaged mp3, although to look at the screenshot above, you’d think that one file was a collection of mistakes.

Perhaps I should look a little closer at my 15Gb of music. … 😐

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