qnub, djsl and others: Something new to look at

There are some who insist that console programs are boring, just looking at the same text every day, without images or pictures.

To that I can only say … try a new font! 😀

I got a message way back in August from Digit, openly offering qnub, djsl and tidyr, as well as some others, for public perusal.

qnub itself might scare you; as best I can tell it’s intended to run at a pitch of three points.


djslr is a little more forgiving, at 8-point.


And tidyr is surprisingly readable at 4-point.


There are plenty more to choose from. I haven’t asked Digit about console-and-or-framebuffer versions. But I know that a lot of terminal-only buffs work within X-based environments with Musca or Awesome or xmonad or what have you, so these might be interesting.

Jam these into your console apps and I can at least promise your console programs won’t be boring. 😈