rot13: Not just greasy kid’s stuff

Still in bsd-games, here’s rot13.


rot13 might be the easiest encryption ever made, except for that silly number code you used in primary school to send love notes to the cute kid who sat next to you in class. Don’t be embarrassed; we all did it.

Much as you can see in the screenshot, rot13 spins text through the cipher and sends out the results. Route that same coded text through rot13, and you get the original text. Magic! 😯

I can’t think of what rot13 might be useful for, except as a simple encryption for the weakest possible security. Or maybe to send e-mails to the cute grown-up who sits next to you at the office. 😉

4 thoughts on “rot13: Not just greasy kid’s stuff

  1. Jason

    In the Usenet days, I remember using rot13 frequently as there was often a filter for it built into newsreaders. There were two primary uses for it that I saw. First, anyone posting “spoilers” for a book, movie, etc would rot13 encrypt it, just to keep others’ eyes from accidentally reading it. Also, rec.humor.funny would rot13 encrypt jokes that could be considered offensive. Not intended to keep prying eyes away, but more as a safeguard for the user to say “I know what I am about to look at.”

    1. K.Mandla Post author

      I can see where that might still be useful, for as many sites as employ a mouse-over effect to prevent unintended spoilers, or things like that. I shall have to try that on this site sometime. 😯

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