mp32ogg: Deceptively simple

Technically I skipped over mp32ogg, running straight through to yesterday.

If the name suggests to you converting from mp3 to ogg format, you’d be right. After a while, these little conventions start to make sense.


mp32ogg looks too simple to be effective. After all, there are only five or six flags available. And one of those is a simple rename mask flag, and another just passes quality level to the ogg encoder.

But it has a few nifty tricks at its disposal. One quick flag gives you the option to clean out the old mp3 files after their converted. Others give control over timestamps or character case.

If that seems sparse, remember that mp32ogg is intended to convert files. More than that might be a bit much to ask. There are other tools for tags or complex renaming or whatnot. mp32ogg is smart to leave it at that.

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