leave: Repeat after me, simple is best

It appears by the man page that leave is an immigrant from BSD, and by all accounts it’s a worthy addition to the population of Linux software.

leave does somethings simple but important — takes a time as an argument, and throws out an alarm as you get closer and closer to it.


There’s almost nothing to leave, and aside from that one time flag, it doesn’t accept much as an argument.

It seems to do its job rather well, and I’ve even tried starting more than one leave reminder, and they don’t seem to conflict.

So perhaps it’s possible to run more than one at a time and not confuse it.

A few shortcomings … it can only track times within the last 12 hours. Yes, I know, that’s inconvenient for those of us with daylong usage habits.

And it does not allow customizing the alarm message, which seems like a no-brainer for the program designer. I would much rather have it scream “ACHTUNG!” in all capital letters than just say, “Time to leave!”

More flexible that way. 😉

It seems to be rather aged though, so perhaps it’s not appealing for someone to pick through the guts of this to get it working in a different fashion.

Final note: I only find leave in Debian, and I don’t know enough about the BSD landscape to be able to find it outside of packages.debian.org. If you’re familiar with BSD and kind find a home page for leave, please send it along. Cheers! 🙂