sniffit: Makes sense to me

Right about now is when I tell you how little network finesse I have, and how most of the finer network tools I run across are completely cryptic to me. And that’s usually the case.

sniffit might be my missing link though. It’s not nearly as vague to me as some of the other tools I’ve run across in this little adventure.

2014-05-02-6m47421-sniffit-01 2014-05-02-6m47421-sniffit-02

I see connections. I see traffic. Sometimes I get an idea of what’s actually passing through, or where it’s going. Yeah, that makes sense.

Or at least it looks good. Fullscreen interface, some cues along the bottom to get you started. Oh, look! Color.

Plus some nifty popup dialogues, one for logging and one for rudimentary traffic statistics. And supposedly sniffit can inject packets too, through a series prompts.

But all that is waaay over my head. 🙄

The Arch version doesn’t seem to bundle a man page, but there’s one here that will let you in on all the important commands. The Debian version looks complete.

I give sniffit an ace grade for a real-time fullscreen interface, color and an easy-to-figure out arrangement. If it’s actually useful for packet-sniffing … well, I will defer to more experienced networking experts. 🙂

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