netsniff-ng: More than I bargained for

I have only the rarest of occasions to need something like netsniff-ng, and trying it for just a brief moment this morning reminds me that I know very, very little about what really makes the whole world work.


I can see MAC addresses in there, and the IP addresses of my home network, but most of the rest is complete gibberish to me. I’m almost ashamed that even after all these years, things like netsniff-ng are so foreign. Almost. 🙄

netsniff-ng comes with quite a few additional tools, to include a couple of packet generators and a network monitor called ifpps that supposedly looks like top.

As luck would have it, that segfaulted every time I tried it in the Arch version, leaving me with only the command-line tools to look over. 😦

I have to give the same lukewarm blanket recommendation to netsniff-ng that I give to most other tools that I don’t really have a personal use for, and can’t approach except by way of a passing screenshot: If it looks appealing to you, give it a try.

Personally, I prefer something a little more animated and visual, but to each his own.

In Debian. In AUR. 😀

P.S.: I see now that my post from yesterday had the wrong date on it, and was published about an hour ago. You’d think I was new at this, for as many wacky problems as I’ve had lately. … 😳