nbwmon: An ncurses bandwidth monitor, of course

The world must have taken my abrogration of further text-based network monitors to heart, since we haven’t seen many of those lately. Here’s one that managed to escape my evil clutches: nbwmon.

2014-09-08-6m47421-nbwmon-01 2014-09-08-6m47421-nbwmon-02

And I’m glad it did. nbwmon has just about all the right moves: Color display, clean arrangement, adjustable refresh rate, automatic rescaling for peaks and valleys in the display, and so forth.

It’s all very nicely done. And dare I mention that it seems to hearken back to slurm and ifstatus? No shame in that. 🙂

I might have to close off this post early, because honestly, I can’t find anything wrong with nbwmon. Ordinarily I’d pick around and complain about this or that, but nbwmon seems as feature-complete as I’d like in a network monitor, without any shortcomings that I could find. No crashes (unless I resized the terminal to 12×8 🙄 ), no artifacts, no funky error messages.

So either nbwmon is almost perfect, or I’m losing my critical touch. Let’s hope for the former. :\

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