ncmatrix: The original, with a twist

I’m sure you remember cmatrix, the console version of the Matrix-esque special effect that dates back almost as far as the original movie.

ncmatrix takes that idea, and adds a tiny fillip.


If you watch that image closely, you’ll see streaks of purple and red among the green. Those are network transfers, intermingled with the normal effects.

As a network monitor, it probably offers the least information possible. You might as well have a blinking purple and red dot, surrounded by all green.

But what it lacks in practicality it more than makes up for in cool. cmatrix by itself is a winner, even if it is about 15 years old.

ncmatrix does much the same thing, just adds a teensy little fun … and some color! :mrgreen:

P.S.: I feel obligated to mention that this doesn’t appear in Debian and the AUR version would not compile for me. On the other hand, the source, straight from the zip file, configured and maked without a hitch … so that’s what you see in the gif. 😉