vee: Tempting, to say the least

I’ve seen one or two cli-based blogging backends over the past couple of years (baker was the last one, I think), but vee might be the first one that has actually tempted me to switch.


And I can’t even say what it is that I find appealing, except perhaps that it’s very simple, and that alone I find attractive.

The vee executable mostly triggers your $EDITOR, and when you’ve completed a post, it automatically updates an index file. Posts are kept locally in a .vee folder, and can be edited straightaway or by recalling vee to manage and update the contents.

Pages have a customizable format, and you can see there are default links on each page to both the raw content and a “main” target, which probably appears in your browser like a dull FTP folder.

More can be done with vee, but that alone is attractive to me. And I see where vee is supposedly available on, which means you might already have access to vee if you have an account there.

I can’t speak to multimedia or embedded content in vee; I suspect though that if you’re interested in using vee, you’re probably not worried about embedding YouTube videos of snails racing. (You thought I was joking, didn’t you?)

I’ve been using for almost a decade now, for this site and its predecessor. In the early days it was a decent option, but the backend gets fatter and fatter with every passing “improvement,” and more and more it’s clear that they’re catering to the mobile user who needs fat buttons, swipe scrolling and one-click posting of pictures of their dumb cat. 😡

So maybe it’s time for a change. I could easily get an account at, and adopt vee as the engine behind it. … Hmm. … 😐

2 thoughts on “vee: Tempting, to say the least

  1. Theodore

    Didn’t know about that! I’m rather new to sdf, i’ve validated my account only 3 weeks ago… I don’t think I’ll use it much though. I prefer to talk about me in a place well guarded by its worthlessness: GOPHER!

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