trn: In spite of my best efforts

I’ve tried just about everything I could think of but trn eludes me. This is the best I saw from it.


I tried the AUR rendition, to include the added step of sourcing the heimdal profile. I tried trn from the Debian repositories. I tried trn4 from the Debian repositories. I transplanted .newsrc files from elsewhere in my system, and elsewhere in the world. Nothing seemed to help.

trn claims to be an improvement upon the ancient rn newsreader, but I’m bewildered and discombobulated by this one. By all rights it should work, but it’s seriously playing hardball.

I don’t think in this case, as I did with trickle, that the error lies in the program. I’m fairly confident that this is my lack of expertise. Unfortunately now I can’t match it up against slrn or tin, both of which were viable newsreaders. Please blame me.

Of course, there’s part of me that says there’s not much “quality” in Usenet news anyway, so I don’t think I’m too disappointed. O_o

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