mp3report: We’re not even close to finished yet

The beat goes on. Among esoteric and erstwhile intriguing mp3 accessories is mp3report, which — again, as you might have divined — is really pretty cool.


Fully known as the MP3 Report Generator, this nifty little tool spits out a classy table in HTML, showing all the mp3s within its reach.

All very clever, you say, but I have over 3Tb of mixed and moshed audio files, arranged by genre, artist, album, release, edition, quality and embedded image data, through a series of 4000 folders.

Apparently not a problem, since mp3report can recurse through directories, and carries support for version 1 and 2 id3 tags.

All very clever, you say, but I would like to see more detail in a report.

In that case, I would suggest checking out the documentation, which allows you to customize the report results, adding or subtracting as much data as your little heart desires.

All very clever, you say, but it’s … it’s … it’s old.

Yes, well, it’s true, it technically dates back to 2000, but I could find no rough spots, except when I tried to force-feed it a few ogg files. šŸ™„

But considering it does most of its work in textmode and only outputs to a file, what exactly are you missing in terminal evolution over the last 14 years?

I found mp3report in the Debian-Ubuntu-Mint chain gang, but not in Arch or AUR. If it’s not in your distro I believe it could just be downloaded and run; I’m hopeless when it comes to perl, but it looks like it only needs mp3::info.

Next up, believe it or not … more mp3-related tools! šŸ˜Æ šŸ™„

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