typespeed: What good is a text editor, if you’re a lousy typist?

That’s a fair question, by the way. I can gripe and moan about vim or emacs until I am blue in the face, but I have about as much credibility as a ham sandwich if I hunt-and-peck my way through text files.

Glass houses, throwing stones, etc. Here’s a way you can improve your skills, beyond just the WASD keys.

2013-03-23-solo-2150-typespeed-01 2013-03-23-solo-2150-typespeed-02

That’s typespeed, something I mentioned a long time ago. It doesn’t appear to have been updated since 2008, but considering the infernal spirit of a malicious demon dwells in its code … it’s just as well.

I kid. It does have a mean streak though. Right around the time you get comfortable, it bumps up the level. Clever girl. …

You can use this as a medium of improving your typing skills, or as a way to torture younger siblings. Let your conscience be your guide.

Take note that it comes with dictionaries for some of the major code languages and most linux commands, so if you really want to focus your efforts, the tools are there.

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