Sounds from the deep

I got from a regular contributor who doesn’t like to be named, along with a note mentioning that it only does one small thing, and probably wouldn’t be too interesting on the whole.

Au contraire … I think it’s quite interesting, even if the best parts of are lost in this medium. As you might have guessed, mimics the Hollywood sonar-sound trope, playing a specific tone for both the ping and pong.

But the tipster was right on the other point — aside from that one audio pattern, doesn’t show much information. Or rather, there are other ping utilities that show much more.

On the other hand, if you just want an audible for a server status, and don’t care so much about statistical analysis, might be a good choice.

Now we just need a ping tool that plays The Bloop, and maybe a few more creepy noises. 😐

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