pork: Going the extra mile

As I have said (probably) dozens of times before, there is a frustration in mentioning console chat clients here.

To wit, if I don’t have an account with the chat service, there’s little point in showing the chat client. Usually I can’t even sign on.

This time I went the extra mile for you and opened an account, just to show pork in action.


Ironic though, that there’s nothing to show for action, since I don’t know anyone who uses AOL’s instant message service. 😛

No matter, you get the idea. pork is quick to set up and uses slash-prefixed commands to do most of the dirty work.

It has a long list of in-game help pages (as you can see) to get you started.

And it uses a lot of colors, so I am quite pleased with it. How did I ever become so shallow … ? 😐