mp3info: The details, plus a little

By the looks of it, mp3info hasn’t seen any real updates in about eight years. That, of course, does not mean it is by any stretch unusable.


And if that was all mp3info did, we could call it done and move on to the next program. But take a look at this:


Hey, what’s that? An interactive id3 tag editor? And it’s got some actual visual arrangement to it?! It’s a Christmas miracle!

It is and it isn’t; mp3info’s “interactive mode” is still a bit primitive. Text editing is just arrow keys and space/delete; once you leave a line, you can’t reverse direction; once you leave a file, you can’t move back to it; there’s no mass-paste function, unless you first rely on mp3info’s existing command-line flags. I could go on.

This is a step in the right direction though. I’ve been on a quest for a proper music tag editor for the console for about a decade now — something like an EasyTag console application. And every time I get close with things like audiotag, id3ed, or lltag, or now mp3info.

Of course, if I had started to make one years ago when I first noticed this absence in the universe, it would be done now. And you wouldn’t have to suffer my complaining. 😐