rainbow: Color filtering in a different way

I’ve seen quite a few text colorizers in the past year or so, the most recent being pygments, but even as far back as highlighter or colout.

rainbow seems to work a little differently from those.


rainbow has quite a few presets to correspond to common commands and applications. As you can see, you can tack on the command to rainbow, and the results are “converted” from dull black and white to something a bit more … rainbow-y. 😀

You can make your own configurations to match the applications you use most, and voila! Your boring old text app is now in vibrant living color.

This sounds like my kind of program. :mrgreen:

Unfortunately (there had to be an “unfortunately” coming, didn’t there?), it seems some of the best effects are intended for terminal emulators. Some effects were lost or mangled at the framebuffer, and just didn’t line up quite right.

And there seems to be a slight discrepancy between what rainbow can accept as a command, and what it reads as flags for its own interpretation. In other words, sometimes flags for the target application were being seized by rainbow, which triggered errors. I’m still working on ways around that.

And while I appreciate the length and breadth of available sample configurations, I have to wonder if it’s really necessary to have some of them.


top, when injected into rainbow’s sample config, isn’t nearly as impressive as top on its own.

So it’s a bit caveat emptor: For some things, it’s sheer genius. For others, not so much.

In the mean time, I intend to work out a configuration for nethack. The world needs a colorized version of nethack. 🙄