oping: And even better, noping

In strictest terms, oping is satisfactory as a tool to replace the standard ping command found most everywhere else.

That’s all fine and dandy, but the real catch is noping, which is bundled along with it.


Just to be clear, oping is useful in its own right, and seems to do the job of ping quite well.

noping, on the other hand, was obviously designed for people like me.

A fullscreen ping monitor, with scrolling results, color highlighting and a small text box at the bottom showing cumulative statistics. Very neatly, very nicely done.

I don’t know that I’ve seen much in the way of an actual ping monitor, if you don’t count ekgping. I suppose netselect might count too, in its own way.

And while ping tools as a whole are probably taken for granted, it’s nice to see the principle carried out to a logical end, and with such panache.

I can find no faults here either. A coveted K.Mandla gold smilie for noping: 😀

P.S.: oping is in the repositories for Wheezy; in Arch it appears as liboping.

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