mrzoom: Not really for the underpowered

I got a note about mrzoom a few weeks ago, promptly set it up, and then laughed a little to myself as I started it up.

You see, mrzoom is a Mandelbrot fractal explorer, written for bash. In other words, it’s a fractal zoom-and-display tool for the command line.


Of course, I laughed because as I am sure you know, there is some serious number-crunching involved in displaying fractals, let alone zooming and converting them to color displays at considerable resolutions.

And of course, on this machine, the exercise was a little time-consuming. 🙂 What you see above took a couple of minutes to work through. No, no animated gif this time. 😯

But I can make no complaints against mrzoom; it did exactly as I expected, and when transplanted to a larger, heftier machine, was very pretty indeed. And almost speedy.

So what good is this? How will this improve your life at the console? How will this change your computing experience and shift your consciousness to the pure and unadulterated beauty of pure mathematics?

Beats me. It’s pretty to look at. Do you need more reasons than that?

P.S.: On a very sparse system, you may need to install bc. I did, on my Arch machine.