ninvaders: Combat in your console

A long while back, we whipped past ascii-invaders, and it has a kindred spirit in ninvaders.


The two are not so very different, ascii-invaders and ninvaders. Both do a very good job keeping true to the original console.

Neither uses sound, or at least I didn’t hear any. Both use color, and throw up an attract screen at the start. Scoring seems the same, even if the targets are obviously different.

In fact, the only major difference is ninvaders keeps to a predefined game size. ascii-invaders will stretch the field to match your screen dimensions.

And that gets to be rather intimidating, even at 1024×768. Beyond that, I daren’t try.

But for a fair game between machines (or screens, really), ninvaders might be a better bet.

And while you’re at it, the cybercafe font is a good fit.


Happy hunting.

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