tig: The dream application

I have to give high marks to tig, a text-mode interface for git, even if I may never, ever, in this life or the next, have the chance to really put it to use.

2014-05-26-jk7h5f1-tig-01 2014-05-26-jk7h5f1-tig-02

That’s just lovely. Color everywhere. Line-drawn characters showing connections between revisions. Breakout panels for examining code in detail. Line-by-line color coordination for easy viewing. Intuitive controls. Left-and-right panning, as well as scrolling. Onboard help screens. One-key jump to $EDITOR. The list goes on.

tig is like my dream application. It’s as if someone read through every post I’d made for the past eight years and distilled it into one program.

And the irony is, I will probably never get to the point where I could use it. 😦

No matter. This is definitely worthy of a coveted K.Mandla gold star: ⭐ Enjoy. 😉

6 thoughts on “tig: The dream application

  1. Billy Larlad

    The irony of this post, as with many others on this blog, it’s actually impossible to know what tig is for readers using a console program like newsbeuter. I had to open up the post in Firefox to look at the screenshots, though in this case I stil am not sure what tig might be.

    If I could make a small suggestion: please provide a one-line description of what the program under consideration actually is. that’s missing in almost every post — we get a description of whether you like something, where it’s available, maybe the interface, but rarely a clear statement what the program actually is.Sometimes the screenshots clarify things (not always) but it’s kind of odd to force readers of a blog about non-graphical software to rely on graphical software…

    Anyway, I really enjoy the blog and realize I have no right to make demands! Please keep up the good work even if you find my suggestion totally unreasonable. Thanks.

    1. K.Mandla Post author

      You’re absolutely right, and this is something I’ve been guilty of in the past. My schedule requires that I set up five or six of these at a time, a few days in advance, and occasionally I write too quickly, or write to incorporate the screenshot (which was the case here) and leave out the key component.

      Thanks for reminding me. If you see other posts that do this, please send a note and I’ll fix them. Cheers. 😉

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