normalize: Three quick tasks, in one tool

I have a few programs that I use often but rarely think to mention, just because they are static background tools.

normalize is one of those. I prefer it when changing music formats, partly because it will normalize and convert in one action.


(I hoped to show an animated gif here, but normalizing and taking screenshots at the same time meant it probably would have been about three minutes long and take up 8Mb. 🙄 )

normalize does what you might expect, adjusting the gain of a sound file to match a given level.

I use normalize over other tools mostly because it will make the jump from mp3 to ogg format in the same step — as you can see above.

It will also skim through all the files in a directory and adjust them for the peak level of an entire group, effectively “normalizing the album” — as you can see above.

And I should probably mention that in its current state, normalize doesn’t recurse directories. So the standard Unix find tool is useful — as you can see above.

From whence comes this genius three-in-one command-line wizardry? The readme file, of course. 😈

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