weatherspect: Edutainment, I suppose

I just mentioned asciiquarium yesterday, and I suppose it’s only fair to mention another fun text-based tool from the same author: weatherspect.


weatherspect has an obvious heritage with asciiquarium, but unlike its brethren, weatherspect is a little more customizable.

Which you might expect, considering it is, in fact, a kind of weather monitor.

Set up weatherspect with a -c flag on the first run, and it will use your location information to give a (reasonably) accurate portrayal of your current weather.

As you can see, there’s a constant display for actual information, plus a few silly things to keep you entertained while you are educated on local weather.

There are also seasonal effects, if I understand correctly; I’m not sure why I frequently get Christmas flair, but I won’t complain.

Like asciiquarium, this is well done, amusing and at the same time, functional. Accurate yes, all the way down to dancing turtles. 😛

4 thoughts on “weatherspect: Edutainment, I suppose

  1. Metric Rat (Tim)

    Loving it and asciiquarium too. May build these in to my DPF 🙂

    1. Metric Rat (Tim)

      Oh, you forgot to mention the many and varied dependencies to make 😉

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