mcplay: The sincerest form of flattery

I’ve mentioned cplay so now I really should make a quick note about mcplay.


Remarkably similar, isn’t it? Layout, major controls and behavior are all the same, and if I understand correctly, that was the point.

cplay itself has a very basic, very obvious style, and when it fell out of development, mcplay became its doppelganger.

Not all is a mirror image though. mcplay changes some controls, as is the right of the developer. Some screen characters are different. And so forth.

All for good though. cplay, when held out against its mimic, is a little heavier. cplay is written in python apparently, but mcplay in C.

And as we’ve discovered, that can make a difference. 😉

But try each one and see which you prefer. If runtime space is an issue, the choice will probably be clear.