rdup: Still more backup options

Today seems to be backup day. I suppose given that it’s April Fools Day, I should probably take that as a hint.

rdup is next, and as I understand it, rdup and its brethren hope to keep the backup chore as close as possible to a simple, Unixy way of doing things.

rdup-simple is the one-shot script to perform a backup. A folder tree is probably the easiest way to show how it behaves.


rdup-simple pushes archives into a nested format, following the date. “rdup-simple” is right.

I am a little foggy on the footwork involved, but if I understand it right, rdup-simple incorporates rdup itself, which is capable of generating and tracking lists of file-by-file changes, and tackling only those.

There are a couple of other tools involved, and when you whip them all together and give them a source directory, you get rdup-simple and the above results.

It’s apparently possible to use any of the incorporated tools by itself, and that’s where the details get a little fuzzy for me. I leave it to you to figure out.

I like rdup-simple for being, well, simple 🙄 but for offering the opportunity to get my hands really dirty. It’s a shame I don’t have more intricate backup needs; I have a feeling I would like to get into the details. 😐

rdup is in Debian and AUR; the AUR script points to the wrong location for the source package, but will build if provided with the source tarball. Just so you know. 😉