setterm: Some minor magic

I have setterm on my list of applications to discuss. And I honestly hope you already know how to use it.

Because setterm is the tool you should be going to, to adjust smaller points of console life.

To include, but not limited to: foreground colors, background colors, cursor behavior, brightness, tabs, blanking timeouts, power savings and/or poweroff settings, and a whole spiel of other toys … including the flag to reset the entire business back to normal.

You will have to experiment to get the exact flavors you like out of a virtual console, and be forewarned that some of them (linewrap, for instance) might behave differently than you expect.

And also remember that these tweaks may or may not have an effect inside a terminal emulator. Those applications (in my experience) usually have their own way of adjusting the environment.

“All very nice, K.Mandla, but. … when would this ever be important?” you say. “Why would I care about stopping the cursor from blinking?”

Read on, true believer. …

P.S.: Yes, I know. No screenshot today. But what can I show this time? An unblinking cursor as opposed to a blinking one? Methinks you already knows that. … 😐

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