nrss: Reaching back through the years

If you click here in hopes of seeing the nrss home page, you might be a little disappointed. It seems that nrss was superseded by canto, a similar-minded newsreader.


Come to think of it, for as long as I can remember, nrss played second fiddle to canto. And that may be as the developer intended.

Either way, I don’t remember much about how nrss worked, and might not ever, since the version I built in Arch segfaulted at any keypress.

So beyond opening the initial screen and watching it auto-refresh, nrss wouldn’t do much for me. Of course, if it’s prepackaged in your distro, you’ll probably have better luck.

A note on configuration: There’s a folder marked “feeds” inside ~/.nrss/ but nrss only worked if I put this line inside ~/.nrss/config:

add "" "BBC Top Stories"

It may be that there is a better way to configure nrss, but it might be late to figure it out.

Between the two, nrss or canto, you can decide which you prefer. I don’t use news readers much, and don’t really see a difference between them.

If you use them and need certain features, see if nrss has them.