vtclock: Yes, one more console clock can’t hurt

It’s funny to think that almost four years ago to the day, I posted a note on the old blog about vtclock. And here we are again.


And not much has changed. It still works, much in the same way as it always has. As far as I can tell, there haven’t been any updates, but it’s not like it had many fatal flaws to start with.

And it still carries some of its coolest features, like the ability to pipe a line from another program into its output. So you can put date in there, or uname, or perhaps a load meter. Get crazy, I dare you.

Color is still a weak point. And I notice now that selecting a particular display character seems to interfere with the actual second-by-second animation. I don’t recall if that was a problem years ago.

Who knows, perhaps in another four years we’ll take a look at it again, and discover it has changed. But I think not. 😉

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