textmaze: Let’s call it a game

One more toy from Kirk Baucom, since the past two days have been dedicated to asciiquarium and weatherspect.

This one is maybe a game. It’s not so much a screensaver, although you might be able to hard-wire it as one. Here’s textmaze:


You can probably guess the idea here. Find your way through the maze and receive a cookie. Standard maze fare.

I mention it only because textmaze will solve itself. That, to me, says there’s the potential to possibly hook it into your terminal multiplexer.

textmaze has flags to automatically size itself to the terminal. While it runs, press S and it will find a way out — a rather entertaining spectacle.

So technically speaking, it should be possible to either edit the source code to trigger the solution automatically, or — maybe easier — force-feed the S key to textmaze as part of a script.

I leave it to you to try either solution, or none of the above. You probably have a better idea of what will work than me.

I just like the colors. 😉