procmail: May I refer you to someone more knowledgeable?

Sorry for the silence yesterday; Thursdays are still just too busy to tinker with computers, aside from real-life mission-critical issues. πŸ™„

It’s probably just as well, since one of today’s applications is procmail, and I am woefully underqualified to describe it.

I understand that it can forward, arrange and otherwise manage mail on your own mail server system, as well as some other nifty tricks.

But as far as I can tell it would require me to have an entire array of procmail, fetchmail, sendmail and other mini-applications working before I could get a decent screenshot.

Which again, with my piddly little Gmail accounts, makes me about the least qualified person to preach about it. 😦

So I will refer you to someone more knowledgeable, and by that I don’t mean DuckDuckGo Lite.

And what does K.Mandla always rely on, when in uncharted realms? Well, the Arch Linux wiki, of course. πŸ˜‰

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