shed: A simple hex editor

Is it time for a hex editor? It’s time for a hex editor. Here’s a simple one: shed.


shed takes a different approach to the time-worn display model that has huge blocks hex code on the left, and a semi-readable display on the right. Just about any hex editor, from hexedit to hexdump to hexer, has some variation on that style.

Instead, shed gives you a vertical stream taken from the file, and its corresponding values in hex, decimal, octal and binary to the right. Press p and shed shows a line preview that moves up and down, as you navigate or edit the file.

It’s a nice touch — not necessarily better, but very different.

The shed home page also suggests shed will take up a lot less space in memory, because the “file is not loaded into memory.” I … can’t necessarily corroborate that, since just hexedit, opening the same file, seemed to be about 100Kb lighter than shed, according to And aphex was considerably smaller.

Be that as it may, shed also boasts of a pico-esque (nano-esque?) display, which I can vouch for. If you’re one of the enlightened ones who doesn’t subscribe to one side or the other of the age-old editor war, you’ll step right into shed with no difficulty.

But then again, shed is simple enough that everyone should step into it with no difficulty. Bonus points for that, and bonus points for an unusual way of arranging the screen. Bonus points for everybody! :mrgreen: